Thursday, December 20, 2012

Danielle, Noah Pozner's sister, recalls her little brother

Like me, Danielle had no words left on the day of the funeral: we had both just written letters to Noah which were to be buried with him and we were too emotionally wrecked to do more. But the words came back to her and here they are:
Noah and I had some sort of special connection that I don't think I can even begin to describe. He was my little man, and as his big sister, he looked up to me. To him, I was "Dangy," a name he had come up with several years ago. Needless to say, it stuck, and I will always remember how he would leap into my arms the second he saw me, his beautiful blue eyes alight with mischief but also something else: affection. It was his own little way of expressing his love and adoration for me; I held on tight to my little man, and I still do.
Noah and Arielle turned six a month ago today. Several days before that, their father, Lenny, and I took all three of them out to their absolute favorite restaurant: The Melting Pot. Noah was ecstatic. When we sat down and got our pots of melted cheese-- Swiss cheese for me and Lenny and cheddar for the kids -- Noah instantly wanted to try ours. He always marched to the beat of his own drum and was incredibly stubborn, so I figured it was no use to try and dissuade him. Upon dipping his bread into our pot of cheese and trying it, he exclaimed, "Wow, that is the best cheese I ever had!!!" He did not hesitate to take more, as much as he wanted, a smile on his face the whole time. I am convinced that he is eating Swiss cheese fondue up in the clouds. Now you can have all the Swiss cheese fondue and tacos you want, Little Man.
That's what I will remember about Noah. He was so excited about life; as a six-year-old, he knew nothing of the evils of the world. Instead, he knew Super Mario on the Wii. He loved practicing his "ninja moves" with a fake sword. He loved superheroes and Star Wars and all of the things little boys love.
I want to  live my life in Noah's memory. In order to do that, I have to be even half as excited about life as Noah was. I want to make my little man proud.


  1. I stumbled across your blog today and wanted to let you know that so many people are thinking of you and those affected by what happened in Newtown. Your little man, Noah, is beautiful. I was drawn to his photo the moment I saw it, as my 8-year-old nephew, Noel, bears a striking resemblance to him. Stay strong and know the prayers of a nation, nay many nations, are with all of you. Much love from Savannah, Georgia.

  2. Hard to find words, Farine... I've been following your posts, and reading every word, and in awe of the way your family is honoring the memory of Noah. I was also taken by NOah's eyes the moment I saw his first photo, and have no doubt that Little Man was going to grow up to be a very special man. But through a twist of fate, he is already a very very special huge man, bigger than life itself.

    not sure how many hugs I've been sending you, but here are a few more....

  3. to Noah's family, i am so sorry for what happened to this beautiful child, GOD has next to him a wonderful ANGEL named NOAH, i will never forget you, even though i never met you...

  4. What a lovely tribute-the words expressed here truly give us outsiders a vivid and beautiful picture of what a wonderful joy Noah was. May he continue to shine in your lives and may his spirit live on in each of

  5. *in each of us*
    Thank you for sharing your heart!

  6. What a handsome little boy!! I've been drawn to him since I saw his photo!! Move forward each day knowing what you have with him and that he will always be your guardian angel!!

  7. Dear Danielle,
    I hope Noah has all he needs, enjoys all that makes him happy i heaven. However my deepest desire is that He can still ejoy life with all of you. He should taste & explore life. I am really sorry for his future that will never happen. And for your 'together things' that will never again take place.
    MC please write, save His life, memories on Him on your blog. He is worth that so much, and we all ove it to Him and His Sibillings.
    I read you blog almost every day. Every day I explore something new about Noah. He became so much ours
    Alex - with love



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