Sunday, December 30, 2012

Noah Pozner: surviving the unspeakable

My son Alexis posted this yesterday on his facebook page. I couldn't agree more.

"Today we left Connecticut and returned to the Northwest. While we came home, we know we cannot go back to life before December 14. For our family, and for so many other families, that world is gone.

While there are many, many things one could say about the past two weeks, I want to focus on three:

(1) Family. Nothing proved more important than our family over the last fourteen days. We all relied on each other, comforted each other, and appreciated each other like never before. Our family is strong, and that strength was and will remain essential to our well-being.

(2) Friends. My friends played a critical role in getting me through the toughest days. That includes the friends who came to the funeral, and those who provided support by phone, e-mail, or Facebook. In fact, one of the best things that happened during this period was getting back in touch with old friends from high school, college and law school. It was great to know that old friends still cared, and it provided much needed light during very dark hours.

(3) Community. The most unexpected part of the past two weeks was the extraordinary support from communities throughout the United States. From the local community in Newtown, to the support we received in the Northwest, to the army of support online, it was truly incredible. Huge and delicious meals were delivered. Housing was provided and houses were cleaned. Kids were taken care of. Toys and stuffed animals were given. Cars and rides were provided. Dogs were fed, walked and housed. Cards were sent from people as young as five and as old as ninety. Funds were provided for the future of Noah's siblings. Counselors and professionals offered their services pro bono. State troopers went above and beyond the call of duty to serve and protect the families. And people performed simple acts, such as standing in the cold drizzle with candles as Noah's funeral procession wound its way through suburban streets. I have, quite simply, never seen anything like it.

Not only has the support of family, friends and the community gotten us through the past two weeks but, much more importantly, it has reminded us that there is much more good in the world than bad. On December 14, a man committed a senseless act of unspeakable cruelty. I will never understand how a person could ever do such a thing, especially to young children. But I have gained a great deal of understanding over the last 14 days about the good in human nature, and about what makes all of us human. For that, I thank you from the bottom of my heart."


  1. Magnigique. Nous pensons a tois et votre famille tous les jours.

  2. Sì è vero grazie a Dio nel mondo c'è più bene che male. Ciò che avete subito è indicibile e tutto il mondo si stringe a voi in questi giorni di dolore.
    Ci sono glia altri bimbi a cui pensare ma il sorriso di suo nipote e l'amore per la vita che traspare da questa foto ci tengono anche stretti al ricordo di Noah e dei suoi compagni di scuola strappati alla vita dal male assoluto
    Noah è bellissimo tanto tanto bello
    Sono tanto lontana fisicamente ma il mio abbraccio di madre va a Lei signora e a Sua figlia

  3. Beautiful... I admire your family and its strength, and don't stop thinking about you and all others hit by this tragedy.

  4. Beautifully said. Your family's strength and grace are inspiring. God Bless you all.

  5. Sending you much strength and love from one grieving mother to another (albeit very different circumstances). Hope you can take comfort from knowing that for such a little boy, Noah made such a HUGE impact and has touched so many hearts. He will never be forgotten.

  6. Noah touched so many people with his beautiful life stories and pictures, and it was very nice for the family to have all the support but despite all the support and help from family, community, and friends I would still WANT more than anything in the world to have my baby next to me!

  7. So much kindness from such heartache gives hope to us all! Thank you for sharing your grief and your love MC.

  8. I pray for the family and hope that with time, they find comfort in each other. RIP Noah!

  9. I'm from Bangladesh (The other side of the earth) but i feel i'm the member of this family. Every incidence of this family touch us vigorously. We are praying for this family.

  10. MC, Alexis has so eloquently captured human survival through tragedy. From such a horror, human kindness has prevailed and has been shown from all corners of the world. Without this one's personal grief would be compounded. I would like to highlight the human kindness evident in a letter to Jack Pinto (from John) - it was so touching but gives hope for the future from the younger generation. He simply spoke of love and mateship but spoke of what was important. As humans we need to regain the importance of family, friends and community and realise that this is the basis of our being - the threads of our society. For many people we have lost those connections in the 'rush' of life.

    Thinking of you and God Bless,

    Michele T

  11. Very well said. I am so sorry for your loss and that selfish cruel evil male who did this is in-excused as far as I am concerned, he should only have done to himself at the start what he did at the end, and spared all these sweet innocent young children's lives as well as the teachers and principle xx Clearly he was a bitter, twisted angry person with no care for anyone or anything, and he is no loss in this world but those sweet innocent children and all the other victims are a big loss and they will never be forgotten, I hope they will rest in peace xx

  12. please never stop fighting for noah...he has touched so many lives and continues to touch my heart everyday!!! Theres just something about him and that beautiful little face that i just cant seem to get him off of my mind, the time is now for cahange!!! please never stop the to you and your family!!!



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