Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Noah Pozner's Funeral Service: The New York Post

Here is the cover of yesterday's New York Post and an inside page with a picture of my daughter Veronique.

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  1. She seems so so strong. You clearly raised an amazing woman. And she will continue to raise amazing children of her own... Noah will be there by her side and with his siblings to help guide them on their earthly journey. Every time I see a blue jay I now think of Noah <3 Thank you for sharing your family with us. I have come to know so much of Noah because of your blog. I will tell you that I can honestly say I think the entire world has come to love Noah and all the other children and teachers lost that day. But for me there is something about Noah that has me especially drawn to him. He is so much like my Cameron I hope you know that I truly admire you and your daughter. Your ability to face this with such strength is inspiring. I pray for you and your entire family every single day... Often multiple times a day. Sending love, hugs, strength, prayers and healing to you today and everyday!



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