Saturday, December 22, 2012

Noah Pozner's mother talks about his dreams for the future


  1. I had a dream of the babies but moreso of Noah... he was smiling and kids were busy doing something. Noah is busy comforting and yesterday when the rained subsided a rainbow appeared...they are busy in heaven building, laughing and carrying on. I know he would have loved a putty but slimy thing that makes funny sounds (sounds like farting-sorry) but its the funniest thing and he would love that. I'm sure his siblings and create funny noises to make them laugh. God bless you and you're family.

  2. MC, thank you for sharing this difficult time with us through this website. I heard your daughter speak. A strong woman. I heard Noah's uncle speak. It's good to know he is there. It's so very sad. Nothing will bring little Noah back. The only thing I can think of is that we will all die one day. We will all die. But, we hope our children to grow, safe and healthy and self-determined, we have so many hopes for them. I don't know how I would cope with that personal tragedy. I have a child myself, Noah, 7 years old, we live in northern Spain. Maybe it has been this casuality, that my child has the same name and almost the same age that I got aware of the news so much. I drop off Noah in a public Elementary School at 9 am every morning and I've never ever thought of any danger. Of course, Noah could have an accident at school, or, very, very, very unlikely something else could happen, some terror attack, someone insane coming in and doing harm to someone. But it's very, very unlikely. There are statistic numbers and it could happen anywhere and anytime, in any country, in any school or in any other place around. One thing is certain, the statistical probability of that tragedy is lower in the place our Noah grows up than in your place, because here nobody has a firearm, nobody. I'm in my thirties, I never saw any, I never heard of someone have one or of someone that has seen one. I know they do exist around here, too. Some people with somehow criminal energy do have a firearm. And there are murders, and there are mass shootings. I don't know of any in Spain, but there was one in Norway, there was one in Germany in a school. Yes, it could happen any day, anywhere. It's like winning the lottery, when you get to be the victim. That's a fact, a statistical certainty. The only thing a good community can do is reduce the risk. I hope your community has the strength to push it now, to organize yourselves, with the objective to force your government to face this issue, to bring about a change. You have the world's attention on you now. Your president was a community organizer back in his Chicago days. It's your turn now to be community organizers. If you want a change in your community, in your country, it's the people who have to force government to bring about this change. You have to act NOW. It's a fact: where there is few guns, few guns can be fired. That sentence says it all. This sentence is always right, no matter how complicated the issue might be, or whatever the "US rifle union" comes up with. This sentence is untouchable. (continued in next comment)

  3. (here I continue my comment) I don't know what I would do if it would be my Noah shot dead in the United States of America. I hope I would have the strength to get involved, to no longer go along with everything that happens around thinking that I, myself, couldn't change anything anyways. I think it's false to believe that, although, of course, I never achieved anything great myself. But I'm convinced, if you want something really bad, there are ways to go for it. At least, to go for it. At least, to TRY to go for it. By no way I mean to offend you with my comment, I'm no one to say to you anything, I can't imagine how this comment may sound to you, I can't imagine how life would be with my child shot dead. I am also not a real native english speaker and may not have the subtlety to write in a delicate way. I feel the same as all the people have expressed before, in the news, on this website. I cried for you and laid awake at night. This gorgeous boy is dead, so are other innocent children and teachers. And maybe this disturbed guy, living in another country with different laws, would have also found a way to have a firearm and go out to kill people. There are insane people anywhere. And anywhere there are ways to get your hands on a firearm. And of course, there are other ways to hurt people, to kill other human beings. And, also, we look at the tragedy that happened to you in your town, knowing that in other places, in forgotten countries, forgotten people die every day just for the lack of putting up with their basic needs: water, food, ... But still, it is a fact, a statistical certainty, the United States of America, a nation that probably thinks of itself as a "first-world-country", is a dangerous place to be, just of the fact that you are armed, so many regular people are armed. Your thoughts of personal "freedom" cost you many victims. I'm sure today there is many people there who have a different opinion. You don't need a gun to defend yourself. You go to the police if you have a problem. I'm no politician, I'm just a regular person, I think positive about the United States, I grew up there some of my childhood, I'm interested in your country, I'm positively impressed by your president, but I'm deeply touched by your personal tragedy. I send my love to your grieving family. I just laid down to sleep my little Noah. We were more lucky, until now, we are still alive. Life brings many surprises, every living being could die any day of any thing, it's constant change, constant uncertainty. Even our planet, racing through the universe, and someday will smash against another planet, or melt when the sun gets closer. It will definitly have an end. It's good and it's bad, it's how you want to see it. And death is so hard, especially when you lay to rest your own child. I can't imagine.................................. I so much feel with you, Veronique Pozner, and with any other mom and dad who has lost their child in that tragedy. BE STRONG , for Noah's siblings, for the family, for the community, for yourself. I send you my love . I sure will donate for Noah's Ark. Good night from Spain

  4. I just want to say that your daughter is radiant, very articulate and amazing (ie. inspirational) under such tragic circumstances. I think she has the potential to change things here (whatever causes, if any, she decides to take up). Please thank her for sharing such beautiful memories about Noah with us. I guess her focus is so much on "life" and the "positive",and that is what I find so amazing.

  5. Thank you so much for sharing personal stories of Noah with us.
    When I first saw the pictures of all little angels who lost their lives on that day, my eyes stopped on Noah's picture.
    I felt some kind of connection, and I still do.
    Maybe it's because I also have two sons, who are about as old as he is.
    Maybe because he looks so much like my oldest son.
    What I want to say is, that I am very proud of you and your family, reading and seeing how you all hold together, helping each other in this very difficult times, and how strong you are, especially his mom.
    I pray every day for Noah and his family, God bless you all.

  6. Your daughter is incredibly strong and articulate, and I know you are overly proud of her. Like countless people everywhere in the world, I am also awake in the middle of the night with a deep sense of sadness and the feeling of impotence to make things better. I wanted to scream when I saw the latest statements by the NRA. WHat is wrong with these people?

  7. I am so sorry for your loss. Time heals wounds however I know we will never and must not forget Noah who lives on in spirit and memory. Until you all meet again xx

    Wise words you said in this video clip too, I totally agree with what you said on everything and how there is no use for guns in this world. I only hope the US bans them and a choice is not given when that ban comes, it's up the the Government to rule that and make it law, then it's easier to rid them after that and prevent mass killings like this occurring again in the future, don't give them a choice to have the gun in the first place. If they aren't available so easily, there is less chance they can get into the wrong hands. Something good has to come of what has happened, and this would be a good.



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