Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Noah Pozner: Veronique, his mom, has dreams of her little boy and advocates measures for change

Once again I am referring you to an article, an interview my daughter gave to the Associated Press:

Veronique Pozner, Newtown Mom, Dreams About Son, Urges Gun Law Reform


  1. MC, I wrote this for you just after I read this article today........

    “One More Hug”

    As bolts of lightning, they flash around;
    my twin little beacons of joy.
    Silence, then laughter, then crashing toys;
    Inseparable love – my girl and my boy.

    My evening spent catching them as they play;
    they hide, they run and they squeal.
    The night goes by quickly and bedtime is here;
    we clean up, get jammies and kneel.

    I start the prayer so logically,
    bless mommy and daddy and all;
    Then they take over and bless the cat,
    the Christmas tree and new doll.

    They thank God for each other and the smallest things;
    we hold hands as they squiggle around.
    Once we’re done praying for “everything”,
    we give kisses, hugs and lay down.

    I leave the room – go pick up the toys;
    lock all of the doors for the night.
    I sit down to contemplate my day,
    and hear “mommy, turn on our dream light”.

    I go back to see them – I turn on their light,
    I give kisses, hugs and high fives once more.
    Tucked in once again, I leave the room;
    knowing this is what mommy is for.

    I sit down on the couch - I turn off the light;
    to relax and recoup from the day.
    I hear tiny footsteps – see small eyes peek around,
    with every emotion displayed.

    I ask, “what are you doing, should you be in bed?”,
    Eyes get big – and then a shrug.
    He comes and she follows with arms stretched out,
    “Mommy, I just wanted to give you one more hug”.

    Their tiny arms stretch out, one at a time;
    I smell their hair and feel their heart beat.
    They feel mine too – look up and smile;
    there was never a moment so sweet.

    Some hugs are so loving, so forceful too,
    sometimes just out of bed with this ploy.
    But now I take each hug as if it’s my last;
    from my little girl and boy.

    God gives us his children, we don’t know how long;
    We love and laugh and care.
    We think it’s forever, but we’ve learned recently,
    that’s now not a thought we can spare.

    We must cherish the moments, the love and the mess;
    We must capture each memory and hold snug.
    We must hold out our arms, no matter how many times,
    He says “Mommy, I just wanted to give you one more hug”.

    When we can no longer hug them and their time has passed;
    We know God has his child back once more.
    At “just one more hug time”, they now run to him.
    We now know what their love was meant for.

    Sherri Tan / 01/16/13
    inspired by Veronique Pozner
    and Noah’s need for “one more hug”

    1. Sherri, this is a beautiful poem. My son is also famous for wanting "one last hug." And now, I can't hug him often enough or hard enough.

    2. Thank you! I know, it's all different now..... it's MORE now. More hugs, More important, More time to share, More memories to capture. Just More.

    3. Your poem is beautiful, Sherri, and so heart-breaking... Thank you! Please give your twins a very special hug from us.

    4. Thank you MC, I will. As I have said before, I pray each night for your family, and also pray that God, as he holds Noah, shows him all of the love he has evoked from stangers (become friends) around the world. I emailed you a copy.....sherri

    5. Beautiful!!!

    6. This poem is simply beautiful.I can't stop crying.Noah has touched the hearts of thousands.He will be remembed forever.God Bless his family. #WeLoveYouNoah

    7. Beautiful poem!! That's what my father use to say "we are all God's children we are borrowed and one day we will have to go back to him don't be sad because we too one day will be reunited" may God keep comforting your family MC little Noah always in my heart hugs from Chicago EB

    8. Beautiful poem! I was inspired to write one a few days ago as well. Check it out a few comments down.

  2. Hugs from Michigan. God Bless you and your family MC! xxxx

  3. A beautiful picture and a beautiful poem. Thank you for sharing them.

  4. Thank you for sharing. My heart is with you.

  5. Thanks, MC for another lovely photo of your grandson, Noah. I had read the interview with your daughter, and I commend her ideas and activism. We need to heed the ideas of the victims' families, and if change comes about, that is good. I am proud that I live in NYC and we are the first state to enact legislation in response to the tragedy at SHES.

    Noah really resembles Veronique in this photo, such expressive eyes. It looks as though he had great fun in the water, as children do. I only wish, with all my heart that this had not happened, and that it was a bad dream. Love to your family.

  6. Sherri- Your poem is beautiful. I can't hug my kids enough these days. I make sure before each one of them gets
    in the car to go to school that I hug them and tell them how much I love them. MC - still thinking about Noah and your family
    everyday and praying for all of you.

  7. MC, first I would like to say that I have been following your stories about Noah since you first mentioned him in your blog. He reminds me of my own little boy who is about the same age, long eyelashes, handsome face, and I am sure, a ball of fire! I never really had a position on assault style rifles, but hearing your daughters description of his body, and to think someone would hurt that sweet boy, tears my heart up inside. I am planning on attending a meeting in Detroit with our senator in a couple weeks and I will be Noahs voice in the matter. He mattered, all those children mattered, and as a mother I have to fight for him and my son. With that being said, I have something else to share with you. We lost my nine year old sister suddenly (her bowels combusted and it almost killed her instantly)four years ago. There are no words to express how i felt, and still feel. With every birthday and holiday we move past, its even harder than the last because of all the "what ifs". But, before she passed, she gave me a pair of gaudy earrings that I really had no interest in owning. I politely declined but she wasnt taking no for an answer. She also gave away a few other things to me. In a way, I think she knew she wasnt going to be with us long. You talked about Yourself and Noah Skyping and him giving your daughter "one last hug", and maybe, just maybe, he was sparred from all the heartache in this world. He is missing out on growing old, but he was an innocent child. He will never again see any ugly world, never get his heartbroken. As much as I miss my sister I know she will never be hurt again and never be let down. I could go on and on but I know you are greiving and I feel your pain as much as I feel my own. I am praying for all of you and I take comfort in knowing that my sister is up there showing Noah around and telling him he looks just like her nephew. Hugs from Michigan xxxx Amy

  8. Bless Veronique and your family MC. She is such a loving intelligent woman and Noah would have been your families rock. I believe Noah and his Mum were each others rock and unbelievably bonded, just as I am with my own younger son. I can't imagine how hard it must be for Veronique and am not surprised she is finding it hard and can't focus no matter how hard without thinking of her Son, as I mentioned in a previous message on your website it has affected me and I am not even family so I can't imagine how much more it has affected his sisters, and Veronique and it's not surprising she finds it hard to get out of bed some days though knows Noah would not like to see his Mummy like that and this is why she doesn't stay in bed all day. Noah is a huge loss. As I say all the time, I just wish I could bring them all back to their parents and families again, that is the worst part not being able to reverse this somehow. I don't care about the person that did this, or his negligent Mother, and I fully agree on all Veronique says on them, because that woman was hugely irresponsible and indirectly she has played a part in what occurred that day.

    Big hugs to you all, especially Veronique and Noahs sisters xxxx

  9. Thank you again for sharing such beautiful pictures of beautiful Noah, I only see his Mums face in him xxxx

  10. My thoughts and prayers are with u all!! Noah what a beautiful boy!!! He has such a special place in my heart, he reminds me so much of my son, although Noah is a couple years older, they look similar and are both balls of fire. one thing thru this tragedy had made me hug my boy a lot more and a little longer. I guess we never know when our last day is gonna be.. we have to make the most of each day and think of it as a gift..
    How I wish I could close my eyes and wake up and this all be a bad dream oh I wish. I can't even imagine what u all are going thru, to lose a son, grandson, brother how awful. My heart goes out to u all. There isn't a day or minute that I don't think of sweet Noah and the other 25 angels. I shed tears as I think how unfair this is. Noah and the other angels had their whole life in front of them!!! How I wish some one could have taken the shooter out, since it wasn't a dream.. and everyone one at that school was safe. I could go on and on with the I wish and what if's. The reality of it is it just isn't fair. My heart hurts. My prayers to u all as always and love and hugs!!!

  11. Thank you so much for sharing another beautiful picture of our Angel Noah, i need to confess that each time i visit your page(which is a daily thing) checking for some new updates about Noah and i get to see you just load up a new picture of him, it put a big smile in my face, i think i can say it makes my day better... Thank you once again for sharing this treasure with us..

  12. Fedra Tucci (Italia)January 17, 2013 at 2:29 AM

    Ieri ho letto l'articolo dell'intervista di sua figlia Veronique e ho scoperto che abbiamo anche la stessa età. Ci vuole molto coraggio per fare tutto questo e tanta tanta forza.Conosco bene cosa vuol dire ciò che sua figlia ieri ha detto in un'intervista...: che a volte non vorresti alzarti dal letto perchè con la morte di un figlio viene meno la voglia e anche la forza di vivere e anche solo di alzarti da letto. Ma poi ci sono glia altri, quelli che ti vogliono bene e allora ogni tuo gesto vitale lo fai per loro... Ma c'è del buono in tutto questo orrore e di cui io così lontana voglio personalmente ringraziarvi: con voi stiamo riscoprendo il valore della compassione e della condivisione che, grazie al web, supera le distanze, travalica i confini e attraversa i continenti...l'ho scritto anche alle altre famiglie. Non si può certo lenire il dolore più grande, quello che state vivendo, ma, a dispetto del freddo inverno, vogliamo offrirvi un pò di calore che da ogni parte del mondo possa raggiungervi e scaldarvi il cuore ... vogliamo almeno provarci ...un abbraccio fortissimo dalla lontana Italia ...che Dio vi benedica

  13. Dear MC, thank' a lot for your info, for photoes of Noah. I have a son of same age. Born in 2006. Since the horrible thing happened I look at my children differently. I give them more hugs, kisses. I try to pay more attention to them. I admire you, and your Daughter. The way how you support your family, how you take care of your grandchildren.. Tell them Noah will always be in their hearts, no matter they do not hear his voice. We around the world keep remembering, keep His picture in our hearts. I feel how much unfair is this. How your Daughter suffers from this gap. No more hugs given, no more kisses, arguments about toys & homework... This breaks my hart too. I am with you, Noah is in my prayers every day. Please keep us informed & be strong.

  14. I still cry every time I see his photo :( I can't help it. I am a complete stranger but it hurts me, I can't imagine how hard it is for his mum, you, rest of the family.
    He was sooooooo beutiful boy. I will always remember him.
    Love and hugs for all your family.

  15. Hi MC

    I was reading this morning, my usual review of info associated with Sandy Hook and Newtown. Why? I keep asking myself the same thing over and over saying to myself, "Let it go Lisa." I can't and I don't think I ever will nor do I think any of us should. I guess I just keep looking for some sparkling light that will let me know that somehow it is all going to be all right.

    This morning I came across this article. Imbedded is such a lovely song by Ben Wheeler's parents that they recorded before his birth. As a musician in really struck me. The sparkle I needed this morning. So simple in composition. A lullaby. Pure, perfect and fitting for sweet innocence. Here's the link

    I smiled at the reference to St. Augustine's quote "Singing is like praying twice" and it occurred to me how much children love to sing, they just naturally sing and get such joy out of it. We need to sing for these kids and find a way to put some sparking light back into our world.

    At the beginning of the article the author says, "Loss is made endurable by love". MC, we have never met, probably never will but I send you and your family all the love I possibly can, the music from my heart to yours to make your loss more endurable.

    Lisa Harper

    1. I am right there with you I look for a light everyday. I have been asking for Elton Johns greatest hits for years now and my husband finely got it for me this Christmas and the songs really touched me in the wake of Sandy hook ..the song "Daniel" really affected me thinking of Daniel Barden one of Noahs classmates who lost his life that Day . In part of the song he sings "do you still feel the pain the scars that have not healed " I would love to him re write that part for Daniel's 12 yr old brother to say say "do you still feel the pain the scars they've all healed " knowing he is whole in heaven with no scars of that awful day I think would help him heal . I think music can help people to deal with grief in many ways even if that means you need to have a good cry and remember your loved one. I really admire Noah's whole family for Sharing Noah and being activist for all the people that lost their lives they day in the face of their own immense grief and loss .

    2. Well said, Lisa. Your first paragraph says everything. I keep trying to let it go, but I cannot. I just cannot. I have promised myself to learn the name of every child killed that terrible day....and repeat them every day so that they will live. I am up to 13. I know it sounds funny, but it helps me get through it. This blog is a God-send. It makes me cry but spurs something in me.

      Peace and love to all.

      Burke, VA

  16. I recorded last night's news as here on british tv there was an interview with Obama about gun laws but also with your daughter Veronique. Firstly, I admire Veronique so much. In the interview she was fighting tears when talking about Noah and how horribly his little body was destroyed. I wouldn't be able to do that. The interview even made me cry and I am a complete stranger who never met Noah or your family. Yet I feel like I've known him for so long as I am stuck on Dec 14th while everybody else just took it as news and something that is happening in America daily.
    As for the gun laws, I am very sad that Americans still want to have guns around. To be honest I'm shocked. On the one hand, there is America the superpower. So many great things come from your country and I have never said a word against America because I know many people there that are very kind with big hearts. However, this silly, vindictive and selfish approach some people take towards guns is just very disappointing. Obama said last night how he would love to do something but at the same time I doubt anything will change thanks to Congress and their love for guns. I just refuse to believe that people can be this selfish. I personally don't know how some people can have guns in their houses. I know in America it's just the way it is but in my opinion it is very poor parenting if you have something this dangerous in the house. In England not even policemen carry guns. There is only special group called Armed Units that have guns. This unit is called in serious emergencies. I just feel better when I know there is less danger around because normal people are just not allowed to have guns. When I lived in Slovakia (only policemen and army can have guns. Also very few people that need it because of their jobs etc), a friend of mine was murdered. It was almost two years ago and he was then fifteen. He was stabbed for absolutely no reason on football (soccer) pitch when he was on his way home from church. Yet I couldn't understand how one normal person would carry a knife around. Obviously the murderer was not normal. And that was just a knife that took away one life. For this reason I will never understand why anyone would want any kind of weapon. They can only harm others. I think it is very selfish of those people as everybody in this world have the right to live and nobody has the right to take away somebody's life. Nobody... MC, I know that there isn't much I can do but if there is, please let me know. I would love to help in anyway I can. I'm 18 (I think Danielle is too) and I have a brother who is 5. I just feel somehow connected to Noah because I have a little brother too. Sending you lots of love!
    I hope Mr Obama will achieve something. He is a very good man but I'm not sure whether others are as decent as he is.

  17. I was just telling Mother that every Saturday morning I tear up when my little boy asks me if there is a new spongebob on ..I did not at the time know Noah loved Spongebob (but I do know most 6 yr old Do lol) but it just makes me so sad that these families and children lost the simple innocence of Saturday mornings together eating cereal in front of the tv while watching cartoons like Spongebob Squarepants. I dont want to be in pain but I also don't want to forget what these families lost when there Children were taken away from them that day !
    I pray these families get the answers they are looking for in the wake of tragedies it is human nature to want to know everything that took place in detail the good ,the bad ,and the ugly. We want to know what could have been done to prevent the tragedy and also to hope against hope people did not suffer pain or fear it was to fast. I pray to god to Continue to give Noah's family strength ( I think god may have a "dynamic" little angel helping him with that these days) and also to watch over his much loved Sisters and Brother.

  18. MC, I wrote this poem last night for Sandy Hook. It's inspired by quotes and stories from the children, and yes from things I've seen on your blog. Hope it offers some measure of comfort. I will have to post it in a couple different parts as it is too long.

    A Child’s Message of Comfort
    Inspired by actual quotes and stories from the Sandy Hook children and families

    I see your tears mommy; it makes me so sad
    Don’t worry about me; I’m now so happy and glad
    This place called heaven is so full of grace
    I’m now safe in my heavenly daddy’s warm embrace
    Jesus is his name, and He reminds me of you
    I think it’s the love so strong, so true
    The way He holds me gives my heart a tug
    Because it’s the same way I felt your heartbeat with every loving hug
    I know you miss those hugs, my infectious smile, and my laughter
    These things to fill your broken heart is all that you’re after
    But ask Jesus for help, for he knows what to do
    He can fill you with peace and comfort through and through
    I do miss everything about you mommy, as much as you miss me
    I miss how you taught me, loved me, and let my spirit run free
    The way you’d say “I love you” which I so adored
    I know you loved the way I’d answer “Mommy, I love you more”
    I liked to draw you pictures when you were upset
    It cheered you up so; that I’ll never forget
    The way I’d smile and you’d always smile back
    And the way I’d always climb on the couch and sit in your lap
    Sometimes you could never get me to stay in bed at night
    I’d climb downstairs for one more hug and you’d hold me tight
    I’ll never forget my last moments with you there on earth
    Those moments are full of so much worth
    The night before, you read me my favorite story
    You tucked me in the covers and turned the night light on for me
    During my sleep, I had this wonderful dream
    Of a big field green field with beautiful streams
    There were all these boys and girls my age laughing and playing
    A sense of joy and love and oh so much fun we were sharing
    In the morning I woke up early and snuggled in your bed
    And then for breakfast we had eggs, toast, and white bread
    I remember I hugged you, kissed you and said “I love you”
    As I skipped to the bus, a kiss to you I blew
    I would have lingered longer if I knew what was nigh
    I know you treasure in your heart that final goodbye
    I saw all my friends; it was going to be a great day
    We talked about so many things on the way
    We were supposed to make gingerbread houses at lunch
    All of us had been looking forward to that day so very much
    Besides, Christmas was only 11 days away; it had us all in a craze
    But oh how so quickly things have changed

    1. Bad things started happening; I don’t remember it all
      Just yelling and chaos and panic up and down the hall
      All of a sudden loud bangs filled the air
      It sounded like hammers falling; it gave us all a scare
      The bad man burst into the room covered in black
      And my teacher gathered us around her and told him to stay back
      The sound of hammers falling began once more
      My teacher hugged me tight and held me on the floor
      After that I remember little until I rose into the sky
      Do you remember mommy, that I’d said I wanted to fly?
      It wasn’t long til we reached this wonderful place
      This place called heaven, where pain and hurting is without a trace
      You should see the colors, the beauty, and the light
      It’s even so much better than Disneyworld last July
      I’m sorry you had to see me once again in that sad condition
      Take comfort in the fact that my teacher made protecting us her final mission
      She’s actually here with me and my classmates are too
      I’ve seen this all before; this is my dream coming true
      Thanks for the angel stones, blankets, and cards
      That you placed in my coffin; it moved my heart
      I’m glad you all could remember me with such good memories
      Times that were funny, touching, and full of glee
      Will you help comfort my brother, sister, and daddy?
      They too are in mourning and have a heavy burden to carry
      You can give my Christmas presents to my sister and brother
      It will help them remember me and the others
      I’m in a better place now mommy, please don’t worry
      I was born to stay this way; pure, free, and happy
      Although I was only there for six short years
      I’m thankful for the time that you held me near
      Jesus let me come and comfort you; it shows that He cares
      Although I must return to heaven soon, I’ll be everywhere
      The sunset you see, I helped God design it just for you
      It’s full of vibrant colors; orange, white, and my favorite, blue
      Oh, did you see that message I left in the mirror?
      When it fogs up again you’ll see it clearer
      It’s a message of peace and a sign of my love
      I wish I could convey even more from up above
      You’ll see me in the flight of the birds high in the sky
      In the blue of the ocean because it’s the color of my eyes
      I’ll be the whispers in the wind around you
      And the blossom of flowers as life is made anew
      And most of all I’ll be in my brother and my sister
      We were best of friends; each other’s keepers
      Loving them will help you mend
      For a part of me is a part of them
      I’ll tell Jesus about the nightmares that you have at night
      Of running through an empty, barren house, filled with fright
      You scream my name, and there is no reply
      I know that Jesus wouldn’t want you to cry
      So I’ll have Him replace these horrible dreams
      And fill them with memories and messages from me
      I can’t tell you all the ways in which this will be made right
      Just know that not in vain did our souls take flight
      Many more will come to know this Jesus, so wonderful
      Through this sad story, who knew it could be so powerful?
      I know the dreams you envisioned for me
      Will never come true, on that I’ll agree
      But Jesus has a great plan, and He’ll make it all right
      Despite the pain, suffering, emptiness, and endless nights
      I won’t have to wait long, time here flies so fast
      Til you’re here with me, and you can hold me long at last
      I’ll be sure to visit you mommy, you’ll never be alone
      You still have brother, sister, daddy, and a tight knit home
      I hope that what I’ve said will give you some form of peace
      Jesus is calling my name; now rest mommy, sleep

    2. This poem is so extremely powerful and beautiful and has brought me to tears because I know with all my heart and soul it is true -- the Lord saves; He is loving and protecting those angels helping the families to heal.

      My admiration and awe of your daughter's strength and grace grows continuously. She is an amazing Mother and I commend and thank her for now standing up and making a change in Noah's an all of the victims' memories. As someone posted earlier, I look forward every day to seeing a new picture of beautiful Noah on this blog and reading a new blog entry and I thank you for sharing him with us. I feel honored and blessed to be touched by such an angel....through your eyes. God Bless you and your beautiful family always and forever.

    3. Great poem! It brought me to tears! thank you so much!

    4. Joel beautiful poem!! It does discribe all of the beautiful children. And yes may the Lord give peace and comfort to you MC and your family. Little Noah always in my heart. Hugs EB

    5. Joel, simply beautiful and touching. Crying again. Stay strong MC, Veronique and siblings. They are many of us, strangers you do not know, but we are praying for you all everyday single day. God Bless.

    6. Wow very thoughtful and touching.;)

    7. Beautiful poem, Joel. Thank for sharing and putting into words how our hearts feel

  19. I hope Veronique is recording/writing down all these beautiful memories. Noah sounds like a special kid. My heart just breaks. I'm writing to my senators and congressman now.

  20. Beautiful poems!!! Make me sad and have hope all at the same time..

  21. I live not even one full block away from an elementary school. Day after day I watch the yellow buses go by and watch the kids hop, skip and chug along through through the drifts of snow. I look at these little ones as well as those around town in restaurants, malls and play centers all the while thinking of the children lost at Sandy Hook. I think about how the only real difference between these children and those who were taken that day is simply that of location and while the issue revolving around gun control does not seem to be up for as big of a debate here in Canada I can knowingly say that we ourselves are not exempt from the potential for gun violence directed towards our most vulnerable citizens. There is still much work to be done in terms of mental health care, treatment for addiction and in general I feel that we need to do a better job of ensuring our children do not become desensitized nor begin to devalue human life in general. If someone had asked me several years ago whether or not the media or violent video games had such tremendous impact in this regard my answer would have been "No, It's just a game, pass me the controller!!" but now I am sitting here absorbing information pertaining to recent violent crime with the realization that not everybody is fortunate to have the same up bringing as myself, parents whom actively monitored our mental health and well being as well as limited our exposure and kept the lines of communication open in this regard. We also have to keep in mind that the part of the adolescent/teen brain responsible for emotions and decision making is still in the stages of development. I think it was Pierce Morgan who made reference to children/teens who spend their day blowing away characters in a video game and then like nothing hit pause to sit down at the table unphased and ready to chow down a sandwich. Likewise I look at numerous posts on facebook and forum discussions and time after time see people, in their own ignorance, posting comments like "Good, she's ugly anyways!" under things such as shared photos of victims of drunk drivers. The vulgarity and disrespect towards our fellow man gets worse and worse every day. My rationale is that if we can't even teach an eighteen to twenty year old to empathize or at least restrain themselves from acting in such a disrespectful manner on a social media site then how can we ever train them to respect and care for a loaded weapon? The fact that such weapons can potentially be made available so easily to such individuals is the most terrifying thought. This in itself tells me that we as a society have a lot more work in front of us before the reins on gun possession can be lengthened. I know that this is simply my opinion and that others may not agree but I wanted to write this as I felt it was something that I had to write. Believe me when I say that it frustrates me to no end that I am not of any help to the US when it comes to having a say in terms of legislation but rest assured MC that thanks to Noah I am going to do my part to be proactive in my own country as to try to ensure the safety, security and well being of my community as possible.

    PS: Just before I wrote this the "STAR WARS: ANAKIN TO THE RESCUE" book I told you about slid off the top of a stack of magazines and onto the floor. I was not anywhere near it at the time. Signs are everywhere MC!!

  22. MC, I know you & your family feel all of us watching over you as we grieve for you. We silently cheer you on because we hope, in the same circumstances, we would have the grace & presence of mind to speak out & do what we have to do for our lost children. Noah & his schoolmates are children of us all.
    What Veronique says in this interview is right; as parents, we are responsible. Having assault weapons around your kids- what IS that? Neglect, blindness? If the mother concerned was really a "prepper" she was way off the mark. She should have prepped for her own last day.
    As for myself, the only consolation I find in this is that Noah & the others are not hurting or afraid any more. Noah's spirit will always be with his family- I don't doubt that for a moment. Someone said, " The Soul takes flight to a world that is invisible" & that must be a beautiful place for Noah. He is NOT lost & I hope that Veronique's dreams are full of happy Noah, sending her comfort.

  23. Hello MC. Let me say this, I am truly, truly sorry for your loss. I am a mother of three kids. My youngest two are boy/ girl twins and they have an older sister who is in first grade. I have followed your grandsons story and amazed how you And your family recreate the love and joy Noah carried with him. I only have one boy too, my son Isaac holds my heart with his smiles.tinight my oldest snuck out of bed " to give me a kiss and hug" instead of yelling at her to go to bed I thought of your family and gave her that extra kiss and hug and told her I love her. Thank you for reminding us all of the precious gifts we have and I pray for your family. I know Noah is being loved in heaven and lives on in your hearts. Much love from my family to yours, Michelle

  24. Hello MC. Let me say this, I am truly, truly sorry for your loss. I am a mother of three kids. My youngest two are boy/ girl twins and they have an older sister who is in first grade. I have followed your grandsons story and amazed how you And your family recreate the love and joy Noah carried with him. I only have one boy too, my son Isaac holds my heart with his smiles.tinight my oldest snuck out of bed " to give me a kiss and hug" instead of yelling at her to go to bed I thought of your family and gave her that extra kiss and hug and told her I love her. Thank you for reminding us all of the precious gifts we have and I pray for your family. I know Noah is being loved in heaven and lives on in your hearts. Much love from my family to yours, Michelle

  25. MC, I have been reading your blogs daily and Noah has captured my heart. He is literally the first person I think of when I wake up and the last person before I fall asleep each night. Every time I am playing with my two boys, at my desk at work or just doing anything my mind wanders off to Noah..We had tacos last night and the entire time Noah was on my mind. I have been searching for some sign that he is ok and have been praying every night for a sign. Well last night I had a dream about Noah. I was at a church service (although we were not actually in a church) and my friend's mom who is a very devout Catholic was with me. We were at the mass and she led me over to a group of kids and there was Noah. I didn't see the other kids but I am thinking they were his classmates. I bent down to Noah and asked him if he was ok. He was busy with something but looked up and looked me straight in the eye and said "Yes I am happy" and then looked back down to what he is doing. Then I hugged him and he looked up at me again and said- But I want to keep visiting my mommy to make sure she knows I am ok. Then he kind of disappeared as I was hugging him as did the other kids. I woke up in a sweat in the middle of the night and then could not go back to sleep. I tend to not read into things that much but that dream hit me really hard and I was crying.
    I will continue to pray for you and your family and please know that so many of us are grieving with you. It is really amazing to me that I could be so attached to someone I have never met but as many people have been saying... there is just SOMETHING about Noah.

    1. Yes, there is something VERY special about Noah. No words to describe how he has captured our hearts, souls and minds.

  26. Veronique’s pain is tangible to me. More than anything I wish I could take away her sorrow. Someone made the comment that it wasn’t normal to be grieving children we never met before. I say that we are the normal ones because we have compassion. Those children were everyone’s responsibility. I think you have to have a Mommy’s heart to understand. I have been devastated by this. Someone said to me the other night that they were worried about me because they had never seen me cry like this before. I told them that I was worried about everyone else that keeps going about their lives like nothing happened. Is it just me or is the world different now? We cannot go back to being blind to how violent our society has become. Last night my husband was watching a basketball game and on a commercial break there was a trailer for a new movie. The name of the movie is Bullet to the Head. I am outraged! Shame on you Hollywood, you have no soul! How long are we going to be complacent and allow this to continue? “Therefore, send not to know for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee.” John Donne.

    1. I am with the previous post. I have almost become unproductive in my own home because of heartache and grief. I can not explain why I have drawn so close to this child, a complete stranger to me. The one thing that Veronique said in her interview that really stands out to me is the denial for the medical records for the bastard who created all of this. I am sorry, but I fill that Peter Lana, absent daddy, owes this to the families. He can access these records, as he should, and provide them to the necessary medical professionals so that some since might could be made of this. It is too late to help Noah and the others, but it might save your child tomorrow.

      I have a hard time believing that Peter Lanza fills no responsibility for this, at least if he is human with an ounce of love and compassion in his soul. He has to be looking at these profiles and blogs. So, Mr. Lanza, if you are looking at the pictures of this beautiful child and reading the beautiful words of his grieving grandmother please stand up and do the right thing for these families.

    2. I too, cry all the time. I am devastated and feel that my life will never be the same; and I have never met any of these families. What is it about sweet little Noah that pulls us to him??? The world is different. As a father of three, I worry about those who are not worried about our country.

      Peace and love.

      Burke, VA

  27. MC, before this happened I did not know anything about the Jewish faith and beliefs. I have since taken the time to read and learn more. I have just completed reading the Seven Laws of Noah and oh my gosh. It is almost like this name for this little boy must have been laid on Veronique's heart by God himself. I now know that God had great plans for Noah at conception. It is plain that Noah's gravitatinal force is just as strong now as ever. Noah will continue to be great and make great accomplishments. His earthly body is not present, but his spirit lives throughout the world.

  28. Keeping Noah's memory alive and the need for stricter gun laws is the focus now. We must not ever forget this horrific event in US history. So offering my help in whatever way possible. Please E-mail me with any ideas you may have. As always praying....

  29. Hi. Its me that 5th grader that posted on here a few days ago. Act #1 of my 27 acts took place in the grocery store. My little sister wanted these cinamon rolls and my mom said she wasnt going to waste money on them. So i used MY money to buy them and she was happy. I cant wait to do more.

    1. Hi again! Well done, fifth-grader! That is truly an awesome act of kindness. Please let me know your first name and keep me posted when Act#2 comes around. I'd love to hear about it.



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