Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Noah Pozner: the way he died

Noah Pozner’s Mom Describes Newtown Victim’s Body, And Why We Should All Listen

Today I am sending you to an article I just read (thank you, S, for posting the above link in your comments). I didn't know my daughter Veronique had shared the details of Noah's death with Naomi Zeveloff, the journalist who came to interview the family two days after the tragedy. I am glad she found the strength to do it: for reasons we may never know, Noah was shot repeatedly. It haunts all of us.
These twenty kids died witnessing the horrific violence that was being done to their classmates and to their teachers. The least we can do as parents and grandparents, as a nation, as the community-at-large, is to keep the details of their deaths at the forefront of our minds together with the pictures of their sweet faces that have been circulated everywhere.
Twenty mangled little bodies are the price we paid on that day for the freedom to own high-power weapons that can be used in rampage killings. These six- and seven-year olds never had the opportunity to make a decision on gun control, they never got to elect the person who could best represent them in Congress on that issue, they had no say at all. They were born to a culture where violence is omnipresent and revered. They probably all knew about guns from movies and video games but never in their scariest nightmare could they have imagined that one day one of these guns would move off the screen and be turned against them. As a nation we armed their killer. Let's take a long look at what he did with the weapon and never forget it.
Another country said "enough is enough" and changed its laws (see Australians Urge U.S. To Look At Their Gun Laws.) Why not us? Do we care less than Australia does? Do we like our deadly toys more than we love our young?
Although I am focusing on the little ones in this post, I am certainly not forgetting the grown-ups who were tasked with educating them and died as a result. Our family knew and loved several of them and we grieve for them everyday. They too deserve that we act on their behalf.


  1. MC you are so right. We will stand up to protect a second amendment right for crap that we do not need. We NEED a safe society for our children to grow up in. We need to protect those who can not protect themselves. We need to make accountable those people who fill the need to neglect their children with social and mental disabilities, no matter their age. We need to love thy neighbor. We need to take a stand against our casual society. I get sick to my stomach every time
    I hear that times are changing. Right and wrong have not changed since the beginning of time.

    This time things went too far. When a casual, lax, complacient, self entitled society leaves our children for targets as it has in this masacre it has just went too far.

    1. We must approach the problem from all angles, you are absolutely right, and mental/social health issues need to be thoroughly looked at. We won't go very far with gun control alone, there are too many weapons already floating around.

    2. Lady, my weapons do not float around. I hope my school district implements a policy for arming qualified teachers. We will put a sign up at the front door that reads "Staff Armed and Trained. Any attempt to harm children will be meat with DEADLY FORCE."

    3. What has happened at Sandy Hook Elementary must never be repeated, but I also know this won't go away if we just take the guns, it's not that simple. I do feel like we invite trouble by posting signs that say "Gun Free Zone". The deranged know that means there is no one there to stop them from carrying out their mission, as evident across our nation. Instead, like the reply above stated, lets post very visible signs at all entrances that read "Staff Armed and Trained" and lets do just that! I bet we see a change more sooner than later. Lets also look at mental and social issues, it apparently is the underlying cause after all. Just think about it, who in their right mind is going to walk in and shot to death those beautiful babies...and we all know the gun didn't walk in by itself and just start going off.

  2. I read that article several days ago, and it was probably one of the hardest things I've ever read. It haunts me. It makes me cry. And it makes me so angry. Even now, my eyes are stinging, just thinking about it. Your daughter has a strength I can only imagine having.

    Noah and I share a birthday, which makes me smile. I think about him, and everyone who loves him, every day. I've never understood any need for these kinds of weapons, never mind the reverence we seem to have for them. It makes no sense to me, especially now. I don't think I'll ever understand it.

    Many hugs to all of you.

    1. I agree with Kim, I have also read the article few days before and it haunts me since then.
      It makes me cry too, and it makes me angry.
      I admire your daughter so much, she is so strong for sharing all this in public, and I believe she (together with us) can make things change as regards gun control,
      so this will not happen ever again.

      Many hugs to all of your family from EU.
      Noah is still with us in our minds, and we keep praying for him.

    2. Kim, how sweet that you, Noah and Arielle share a birthday... Thank you for your comforting words.

  3. Dear MC,

    I read Veronique's interview and was overwhelmed with awe at your daughters fortitude. I wholeheartedly agree with her that we need to be reminded of what brutality these poor children and adults experienced. It should keep us up at night. It should make us angry. It should make us cry. It should create unrest and a call to action. We owe each and every one of them our energy because we absolutely HAVE to make a difference. Is the right to bear arms more important than the right of an innocent child to go to school fearlessly? These are the magic years for our children and we have an obligation to protect and promote their innocence and let the magic happen.

    I stand with you in solidarity

    With great kindness,

    Lisa H

    1. i cannot agree more but unfortunately a large part of the country sees things differently. How they can sleep at night knowing the use that can be made of this type of weapon is beyond me.

  4. MADD has done great things in this country when it comes to DUI/DWI laws. The NRA has had too much control for far too long. I know that there are more of us than them. When are we going to Washington?

    1. I don't have an answer yet... But things are moving.

    2. If they believe that hell hath no fury like that of a woman scorned, just wait till they see a nation full of pissed off mommies.

  5. The "rights" to maintain guns that people are touting, are not GOD GIVEN rights, they are man given rights and we have all found that man is severely flawed. These "rights" were given when a man had to take several steps to fire one shot from his gun, these "rights" were in place when the country was beginning and man had to protect himself from many unknowns. Maybe we should evaluate that these "rights" should not be our rights or we should modify them to fit the violence crazed world we live in and the weapons that were built for war, not humanity. Yes, some people hunt animals for sport or for a living, but this magnitude of a weapon is not needed for that. When are the RIGHTS to LIVE going to outweigh the right to play and in essence put this arsenal into dimented hands? These children had a RIGHT to live, Veronique had a right to be a mother to an adult Noah, what about these rights????

    Love and prayers every day and night from me to God to you and your family.

  6. As the spot in my heart for the beautiful, funny, rambunctious little Noah grows, so does my admiration for your daughter Veronique. She displays such strength, grace and clarity at such an unimaginable time. Noah is most definitely proud of her right now.

    1. Thank you, yy. I look at my daughter and I see the Mother. I am in awe.

  7. I read the article as well. An I can't imagine what your daughter went through. What an amazing women. The strength she has is incredible. An I'm so sorry she went through that. It makes me so angry to think of it. Something has to change it drives me crazy how easy it is to own a gun.

    1. sorry I meant "Noah,s Law".

  8. I had read this article the day it came out due to the fact I was looking up Noahs name daily , as crazy as it sounds it was because I was hoping with all my being he was not the one shot 11 times . That may sound awful because no one in the school deserved that but I could not help feeling that way after seeing his little smile . I awake almost nightly wanting to scream on top of my lungs why , why , this is so cruel and unfair !!! I admire Noahs Moms courage and love for her children .I feel you both have a gift of love and words and You together will be the difference this country needs!! I think all of congress should have to look at crime scene photos from all of these mass shootings before voting on gun bills , The reality of these brutal deaths these families must live with every day . I will never forget noah and some day tell my 6yr old son all about Noah and Why suddenly in mid december 2012 I stopped letting him watch certain shows and his toy guns went away but for now we found better ways to play ..and I am also hoping to have Noas law to back me up when that talk comes some day .Prayers for Love and Peace to Noah and his family !

    1. I have been doing the same everyday. Looking up each child's name, everyday and night. I am an Indian and live in Canada and I am unable to understand why a country like the US can let babies be killed. Everyone should be made to look at crime scene pictures because that is what the kids had to go through and then let them decide if they still want guns

  9. I also read this article when it came out. I cried all night long. I too was hoping it wasn't Noah that was shot 11 times, but I feel part of me always knew it was. He has touched me deeply and I have never met him. I fell in love with that sweet face the first time I saw it. I am overwhelmed with grief. I have cried every day since that awful day. I am 42 years old and have seen alot of horrible things over my lifetime but nothing, not even 9/11, has affected me like this. I don't trust the politicians to get this done, it will be us Mommys that do it. God bless all of you and may he grant us all wisdom. I feel he is working in all of us.

    1. I cry everyday as well and pray nightly for peace for all the families. 9/11 was very hard, but this tradegy has hit me in a place I didn't even know existed. I just ache for those children who are no longer with us and who will never have the chance to experience life beyond their six or seven years. I wrote a three page letter regarding gun control and mental health issues and sent it to my local, state and federal representatives. I just pray that these families, once they can muster up the strength, will take on Congress and be successful with making changes. I am not a proud American at the moment and don't understand people's obsessions with guns.

    2. Also, we must have more security at our schools. We would never consider leaving a large amount of money in one location without top security. Is our money more precious to us than our children?

    3. Why would you hope it wasn't Noah ? What was Noah to you before Dec. 14 ? And children got you, its awful but thousands of people dying on 9/11 from a foreign attack wasn't as bad as this ? And this will stop people from owning guns ? No.comment on.everything else on this page but these comments right here are classic. Just your words puts a really shady shadow on this whole situation.

    4. I am so sorry I have offended you. That was never my intention. I did not explain myself very well and was misunderstood. My apologizes. I was hoping that the press had reported it incorrectly and none of the children had been shot repeatedly. But I also felt deep down that they had and it was too painful to face. Also, I did not mean that this was worse than 9/11 but that it has affected me more profoundly. I am now scared everyday and I almost have a panic attack when my children leave for school. Again I am sorry that I upset you.

  10. I also read the interview with Veronique and am in awe of her strength and determination. I am not sure I could conduct myself as she has if I were faced with this crushing tragedy. I think that people should know the details so that they can be angry enough to want change. I would like the NRA and others who support no limitations on guns and ammunition to have to look at pictures of those poor children. My heart was already broken over this and when I heard that it was Noah who was shot 11 times I was crushed. Not that it would matter who it happened to, but somehow it made it more real. I guess it's because I have felt connected to him and to you from your posts. I have read many of the comments on this site and we tend to be parents and grandparents who feel sorrow, grief and despair over this senseless act. We need to not only write comments on a blog, but we need to take action. I am not an activist, I am a mom of a little boy who looks a lot like Noah. I am a mom who sends her children off to school each day thinking that they will be safe. I am a mom who wants to make this society a better place for her children and others. The NRA has 4 million members, it's not that hard to find at least that many parents, grandparents and concerned citizens who will do something to try to change our gun laws. Former Rep Gabby Giffords and her husband Mark Kelly have started an organization to counter the gun lobby called, Americans for Responsible Solutions. It's a start. I think about Noah everyday and I want more than anything to be able to know that out of all of this immense sorrow and grief that we could make a change for the better. Like someone said it could be "Noah's Law"

  11. M.C. My hearts hurts for you and your family. I have 2 children, one of which is a little boy named Yanni who resembles Noah and is exactly a year younger than sweet Noah. I read the article when it came out and I had so many emotions...anger, sadness. I still cry many times during the day for all the families and especially for you and your family. Little Noah touched me in such a way. I remember a quote my Grandmother,who also made bready daily, used to takes a village to raise children. We are all responsible for these children. It could happen anywhere at anytime. I am sick to my stomach that it had to take a massacre of innocent beautiful children to ignite a conversation about gun control!!!!!! We need to change NOW!!! My grandparents immigrated to this country for a better life and I am fortunate to have had the opportunity to see how other cultures differ from ours. Life is valued and there are very strict gun controls. I will never forget!!! I still haven't slept a full night. I don't have any great words of wisdom for you and your family and I can't imagine your pain and suffering but I hope it helps knowing we are praying for you and your family. You are in my constant thoughts and prayers. God Bless you and your family.
    Mary Dafis

  12. Farine, I read the article, knowing it would be a real tough thing to do, but I did it in support of Veronique and your whole family. I posted in Facebook and hope more and more people will read it and share it. It is the ugly reality that NEEDS to be shoved in the face of America. Most people don't want to hear about it, don't want to read it, see it, get in touch with it. Because it is so ugly, so painful, so brutal. But we should not forget and we should not avoid repeating and bringing those images back, if we really want to change things.

    On a side note: one of our graduate students owned a gun, exactly the type used in the massacre at Newtown. I knew he is a gun lover, and it's something that bothered me and Phil a lot, long before Dec 14th. He got rid of that gun, and said he could not keep it anymore after what happened in Newtown.
    Just one less gun, but we are happy he did the right thing.

  13. I read your brave daughter's description of Noah soon after it was published and it haunts me every time I touch my son's face or hold his beautiful little fingers. It haunts and compels me to action. I spend time every day working toward a future where this won't be in the realm of possibility. I'm glad Gabby Giffords is putting a PAC together and happy to see there will be a March on Washington in the near future. I won't be able to go but I hope it is incredibly well attended. I agree wholeheartedly that we owe it to the victims not to hide from the details of the conditions of their bodies - it should repluse and outrage everyone. It scares me that it does not. I think of you all every day.

  14. I had never seen this article, I am completly sick. My mind never wanted to accept the true brutality of that awful day. I am so sorry. I hold my kids, kiss their faces, smell their skin and cant imagine that so much love can be ripped away in an instant..and at the hands of a crazy person who has access to a killing machine. Veronique, you are the definition of strengh. I can never comprehend the nightmare that you have been put through and will continue to deal with every single day. I close my eyes and try and imagine if it were my Raegan, Presley or Miles who were taken from me. But then I can open my eyes...and be thankful, but at the same time so completly grief stricken for you. I have never felt more vulnerable and fragile in life than I have since Dec 14th. I will be contacting my representatives and advocating for stricter gun laws while thinking of Noah. I am so sorry.
    Danielle Waage

  15. This needs to be read by some people up high in power (lawmakers, etc.) I agree, we need to be shown the truth sometimes. It's very, very hard to read though.

  16. MC, if/when you and your family and the other family members get to speak before the powers that be about gun control, they do need to see the crime scene pictures, but BEFORE they see the pictures, you need to show them home videos of these beautiful people living, laughing, playing and even being naughty children....... they need to see who the were to be properly impacted by what happened.

  17. Your daughter is so courageous to share the details about Noah. People need to hear the ugly side of this tragedy instead of just thinking children simply died by being shot at school. They were butchered. As a society, we never want the full details. I know if I mention the shootings to some of my friends (who have children in elementary school) they say "god, Wendy, way to make me all depressed. Why did you bring it up?" We need to be reminded of it. It could be our children one day going through this! I dropped my son off at school this morning and I made sure I said "I love you!" You never know what could happen when you leave.

  18. MC, your daughter is entirely right to show the violence and evil of that day, even though I am sure it is heartbreaking for her. She has displayed such courage and poise in the face of unspeakable tragedy.

    I am certain that, when the time comes, we will all be interested in doing all we can to change the destructive policies which allowed this heinous act of violence against the most vulnerable, i.e., the children. It is simply unforgivable that firearms are in the hands of criminals and the mentally insane.

  19. You are welcome MC, I love to read about Noah and to share his pages so we can keep his memory alive. Thank you for sharing your blog. I cried so much when I read the article online yesterday as it affected me quite deeply and I felt I had to post it here for you, I did not realize you never knew your daughter had shared these details and I am pleased she did as I agree the world should know and America needs to know. Change has to occur for the better as a result. It must not happen again, it should not have happened to Noah and his classmates or that school at all. I wish it had not happened.
    As a single Mum myself of a 3 yr old boy I know I could never get over this loss and the loss must be unbearable within your family. A Mother and son's bond is so strong as a Father and daughters bond tends to be, my only sibling is a brother and like Noah and his twin sister, my brother and I were very close and bonded while growing up. The pain for Noah's Mum must be unbearable and I am not surprised she wakes up at night having dreamed about her Noah who is still very much with her as he is with all of his family even if that is not physically.
    The bond is already very strong from the 9 months our babies were growing in our womb. Noah looked so much like his Mum (Mom as you all say in America) and I too am a Nurse. My heart pours out for you all and for little Noah who was so undeserving of this as were the other sweet children that suffered that day in the same way as Noah. I am not sure which is worse, to survive having witnessed it all and the scars that would never leave their memory, or to leave this world as Noah and his classmates did. Either way it would have been different for them after that, it's so sad and I wish it never happened I really do, you are such a loving warm and big family and I can see where Noah got all his positives from, it was his role model Mum with her big heart xx Suzanne

  20. I agree, Noah's law on a gun ban, I can believe he'd have wanted that. Let his memory and his death not be in vain.

  21. MC..As I have stated before I have a hard time controlling my emotion when it comes to Noah. He has touched my heart and soul and it's unexplainable. I read this article over a week ago and by far that was the hardest to read. I agree with your daughter's choice in seeing Noah that way. She is an incredible women and I admire her. I couldn't imagine having to put my little guy into the ground like that. They say that things happen for a reason and right now I don't think anyone can see that reason nor do they want to. I vow to do my part to stand up for whatever needs to be done to save our children and I will do that in honor of those sweet innocent victims........but especially for sweet, sweet little Noah.


  23. When I was in the Royal Air Force (which is not the army by the way) in the U.K, and my family background from the RAF. I remember having to fire a semi-automatic on the range once a year, the guns and rounds were always doubly counted in and out so nothing was ever left out and it was a disciplinary offence if anything was which from what I witnessed never happened, it was very well controlled. The weapon we had to fire on the range was always to be but on 'rounds' not automatic fire, meaning one shot was fired per time not many all at once.

    So from what I know, the reason so many bullets were in their bodies, Noahs the most from all I have read, is an automatic fires off far more rounds all at once rather than one round at a time. I hope it helps somewhat to know that it was likely not a case of pressing it time and again at sweet little Noah. I can believe the person that did this just fired randomly around the room at them all, and Noah was possibly stood near to him at the time. Just a thought. May Noah rest in peace, and I only hope he did not suffer and he went out so fast he didn't feel anything, because it really pains me to think that they suffered at all. Beautiful little children that they are who would have made this world a better place and children are our future, so this is a huge loss not just to America, but to the world.

  24. Sorry I meant to say "Noah's Law".

  25. I was in the parking lot of my kids school when I read this article last week. Needless to say, I needed a moment to gain my composer before getting out of the car. My kids are 5 and 6 years old and when I finally entered thier classrooms, I looked at them and their classmates very carefully, something I had not done in a while. Their bodies are so tiny. They don't have the strength to withstand one shot let alone multiple shots. And by far 11 shots is just crazy.As I looked at them, my mind and thoughts were with the angels. I thank you and your daughter and applaud the strength that you have at this horrible horrible time. I truely wish I could turn back time but I can't. I can only join hand with you and the rest to vioce out how bad guns are.It is high time and the political leaders should focus on the safety of not just kids but everyone in America. Guns, especially the ones used by the killer should be banned. Hope we can make this Noah's proposal. These kids were our future and we just can't play with our future. I pray that God shows us some light in this time.

  26. This needed to be said so that people know what truly happened -- these were innocent, beautiful babies! It was like after 9-11, people wanted to close their eyes and forget it ever happened -- as long as I live I never will. I shared Veronique's article on Facebook so my friends share it and their friends share and etc. I will print it out and share it at school security meetings, etc. I will help to make sure Veronique's words are heard -- in noah's memory, God bless him and the rest of the angels. XOXOXO

    1. I shared it on my FB page too. Sadly, I didn't get any comments from anyone. We have Megan's law and the Amber alert, both of which were introduced after tragic events. Maybe we could have Noah's law or Sandy Hook law. What do we have to do to get this on the next ballot!

  27. If Tomorrow Starts Without Me

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  28. I applaud Veronique. She is an example to us all, an example of unconditional love! My heart aches for you and Veronique and your family. All I want to do is offer to hug you...since my words seem inadequate. You are approaching your first month anniversary and for that, I am truly sorry. I don't understand the need for these weapons. Veronique's testament needs to be reached to each and every one of us. Like the article said, hiding behind 'heavens angels' deters us from seeing and feeling the truth of the devastation and paints what it really means to endure your loss. I wonder what a gun owner's position would be if it was their child who's life was taken like that. To witness the butchering of their six year old? I wonder if their views would change for owning weapons of mass destruction? It sickens me that one's right to own these weapons have more value than a six year old's life. Shame on us.

  29. Dear MC,

    Words can't express how much my heart hurts for you and your family. I read this post today, foolishly as I was preparing to leave a meeting, and it took all I had not to break down sobbing before rushing out of the room. I have three little ones of my own--a daughter Noah's age, a son who's nearly five (and who I think would have been best buddies with Noah if they had gone to the same school--they sound so much alike), and a little girl who's 2.5. Thinking of what happened to him, knowing the horrible damage that your daughter had to see done to her beloved son's body, is almost too much to bear. All the losses in Newtown just break my heart, but Noah's hit me especially hard because there's just something about the way you and his family describe his spirit that reminds me so, so much of my own little boy.

    Please know that the mamas of this nation will fight with you to finally bring an end to the gun madness. I used to be very involved in politics and then when I became a mom I thought I had no more time for it. Well, now I know that I cannot afford not to make time. Whether it's the Newtown families, or Mark Kelly and Gabby Giffords' group, or whoever takes the lead on this, just tell us what to do and we will do it. I have already contacted my own senator and representatives, as well as Sen. Feinstein, expressing strong support for serious gun control legislation. I will donate to whoever I have to donate to, march wherever I have to march, write and picket and call and do *anything* so that we can stop even one family from suffering the way yours has.

    I hope you will keep sharing your thoughts with us on this blog. Thank you so much.

  30. Mi sono sempre chiesta come mai questa vicenda mi avesse così sconvolto anche dopo tanti giorni vivendo in un paese così lontano e con tante notizie di stragi di bambini nelle guerre e per fame. Ho sempre pensato alla morte come un momento solo dopo di che c'è la risurrezione proprio come Gesù ci ha insegnato con la sua Passione Morte e Risurrezione appunto... Io ho soffero molto quando a 30 anni ho visto m,orire la mia prima bambina Ester per un tumore al cervello in un ospedale di Roma. Ma in quella mia trafedia il Signore mi ha dato la grazia della fede e da quel giorno(sono passati quasi 17 anni) la Speranza in Cristo non mi ha mai abbandonato, anche di fronte alle altre morti o alle tragedia che pure ho visto in tutto il mondo in tutti questi anni. La Speranza Cristiana è appunto quella che deriva dalla fede che trova la luce proprio partendo dalla morte, dalla soglia di un sepolcro. A parte il fatto che tutti i vostri bambini li abbiamo subito conosciuti perchè i loro visi, le loro storie di 6 anni di vita, le loro splendide famiglie le abbiamo incontrate sul web e quindi come se fossero state nella nostra stessa città, ma, devo dire, che per me forse ciò che mi ha più fatto soffrire e ancora soffrire ora, è il fatto che questi piccoli corpi siano stati cosi "umiliati" (come più volte ha detto sua figlia Veronique). Si parla dei bambini come angeli ma si cerca di non pensare alla parte più orribile, quella della umiliazione del corpo del proprio bambino e allora ho capito che è questo che più mi fa male adesso. Con la malattia di Ester ciò che era diventato doloroso non era la morte stessa ma la sofferenza e l'umiliazione di quel corpicino "umiliato " dai trattamentei medici. Come si può superare l'incubo notturno che ti fa continuamente pensare a quanto il corpiciono di tuo figlio possa essere stato umiliato non dall'accanimento terapeutico per la malattia, ma dal gesto di un folle che ha trucidato il tuo stesso sangue. ..Mi scusi signora MC ma mi sono permessa di parlare di questi argomenti perchè ho capito che voi adulti state andando fino in fondo al vostro dolore proprio perchè (come sua figlia ha detto) è una cxosa che è dovuta ad un figlio. Sto male perchè tutto questo ha svegliato le mie vecchie ferite e ora come allora solo il Signore ci può aiutare ad affrontare e continuare a vivere per gli altri figli. Non importa quale religione sia ma è Dio Amore che ci deve, vi deve aiutare. Io prego per questo. Il resto non si può cambiare purtroppo ma abbiamo il dovere di provarci per i piccoli accanto a noi che sono il nostro futuro, la nostra speranza, la vita che continua. Chiedo scusa ... all my love!!!

  31. MC,

    You raised an incredible daughter. The strength that she must posses is incredible. My heart goes out to your entire family.

    While I agree that something needs to be done about guns we ALSO need to revamp the mental health system. No sane person could look at 20 children and pull the trigger. I live in Tucson where we had our own tragedy exactly two years ago yesterday. I am not a Dr but I work in a county run mental health office. Each Dr sees a minimum of 35 patients a day and we have a waiting list of over 600 people wanting help. The stress is high and so is turnover. In 15 minute appointment blocks these Drs don't have time to get to know their patients and when each patient has a new Dr every 6 months it's difficult for them to open up. We can only hope to keep them stable. I can assure you that a mentally ill person will find a way even if we take away guns. There are still bombs, knives, poisons and cars to be used as weapons. The death count may be lower but it is still a death of an innocent. Gun control is only part on the answer. Please fight for mental health reform just as vigorously.

    1. You are absolutely right and we are determined to do just that.
      Thank you for your comforting words...

  32. Blessed MC....

    This is hitting me right in the heart. I wasnt going to post anything but kindly read all of your comments and blogs about Noah and send a great big hug to your daughter and family for comfort. Every since this tragedy has taken place...I have felt ill to the pit of my stomach about these precious babies that were so violently taken away from us. Out of all of them,,Noah has grabbed my heart....and he wont let go. I noticed that he has done this to alot of people. Your precious baby,,,when I read the article above before...It described the wounds he received along with how many times he was shot. My God how could anyone be so evil. He was just a baby. A Precious young man who loved his family. I have a six year old grandson,,,who is my while thinking about Noah all the time. I revert back to my Grandson and my heart melts for both of them. Ms. MC you have my condolences....and please giv a gigantic hug and kiss for Noahs siblings and mother. I pray that you find peace and happiness..Its going to be something that you will never get over...but your days will get brighter. I have never met you or your family,,,but it seems like I have known them forever....Your family is my family,,,Please hold onto Gods unchancing hand... SENDING ALL MY LOVE, COMFORT AND BLESSINGS TO YOU AT THIS HORRIBLE TIME..

    Love Marilyn

  33. Veronique's openness, as well as your own, have opened my eyes to so much in the tragedy. The horror that these children endured as a result of guns that people have as toys, more or less. I read that article a few days ago, and it was heart-wrenching to get though, but it is important to keep those kinds of things in their mind.

    It's easy to just paint a picture of beautiful little children gone to Heaven, to make everything better. But, the void in your family left by Noah is a clear reminder that things aren't going to get better - unless we take action!

    Continuing to think and pray for you guys.

  34. Like so many others around the world your sweet Noah has touched the depths of my heart and immensely impacted my life. I know that no amount of comforting words can even begin to fill the enormous void that his death has left. I won't even pretend to know the pain and sheer terror that you and your family have been through, but I will continue to pray unceasingly that your family finds solace and peace and I will stand along side of your family and every other person in America in the months to come to make absolute sure that the tragic and senseless loss of these precious children and their teachers and the impact that it has made on not only the families, but the rest of the nation as well is heard and felt by every single law maker in this country...until they have no choice in this world but to take action!! May Gods comfort consume you and your family in this tragic time.

  35. I know u prob hear this so much, but my goodness Noah had touched my heart in a way I didn't even know was possible, from the moment I saw sweet Noahs picture I felt connected to him somehow and to Ur family after reading all Ur posts here. I too was hoping that sweet Noah wasnt really hit with 11 bullets oh my I can't even imagine one let alone 11..I am so sorry I can't imagine how awful that must have been for Ur daughter and the family to see his sweet body broken like that. It pains me to know that there is even weapons like that in this earth let alone crazy people to do these unimaginable things to ppl especially to those young sweet babies. They were just babies. I wish I could close my eyes and wake up and this would all be a bad dream!!! We need to fight for the lives of those poor inocent 26 lives. Stricker gun policy and no assult weapons!!! My heart just breaks and there isn't a day I don't cry and think of poor Noah and the others and I pray that none of them suffered..I also just can't imagine how life is going to be for the surving, how tramatic that had to be for all involved at the school and for the families of the victims. Again u are in my prayers. Hugs to u and Ur daughter she has great strength, something I don't know if I could have if this happened.

  36. Once again, thank you for sharing with us. I read the article written by
    Naomi Zeveloff where your daughter described the state of Noah's body, what
    courage your daughter had to share that. Despite not knowing any of you,
    I've cried a lot over this tragedy but I think I cried the most when I read
    that article. It's truly painful just to know these 26 people are no longer
    in this world, but when we stop to think, really think about how they died,
    it's knock-the-wind out of you painful, but I think we may need a little of
    that to remind us that things need to change. Maybe I'm too full of hope
    that we can demand and get change, but I can only hope that those who swear
    they need guns would read the article written by Naomi and think again. I
    look at the photos of the lost every day so I won't even think about
    forgetting. I am but one small person in this world, however, I will use my
    voice as a mother and a member of this country to push for change in hopes
    that this never happens again.

  37. MC, thank you for sharing Noah's life through your writing. He was the victim of a senseless tragedy, but he didn't live a tragic life. It's been comforting to see he was a boy who was loved and cherished and had dreams like any other 6 year old boy. The story of his passing has been haunting and disturbing. For me, this tragedy was born from rage and hatred in it's purest form. What type of person would you have to be to do this? I have a 5 year old son, and when I pick him up at daycare all the other children know who I am. They yell his name and say "your dad is here" then some of his friends say goodbye, see you later. Children are brilliant and funny and compassionate. They have wonderful perspectives on how the world, and everything in it, works. They have questions a rocket scientist would have difficulty answering :) They believe in Santa Clause and the Easter Bunny and everything else that is good. A child also forgives. I truly believe we have children to set a good example for us adults, who worry about petty things and petty differences a child would never dream of. How could anyone hate this or want to destroy this?? Noah and his life have made so many people look at themselves and find compassion and love, and yes, even hope. These are qualities that help prove to us we are decent human beings that do have some goodness in us. This so important for us to remember and realize in the present world we all share. God bless you. God bless the people that gain comfort from your words and God bless beautiful souls like Noah.

  38. I understand the gun argument from both sides of the fence, but what I fail to see and or read is why are these monsters going to schools and movie theaters and malls and killing people, we all know they are using guns to do it, but can anyone answer why? What if you could remove guns from the equation, would these monsters still go on killing sprees? What scares me is I feel these monsters will still continue to kill and murder even without guns, so would it be fair to say we need to also look at legislation that addresses mental health? I see so many people attack guns and gun owners, but what can we do to prevent someone from having such murderous thoughts that leads them to a killing rampage? I just don't feel banning guns will be enough to protect all of us from these senseless killings. Just some food for thought.

  39. I am an Australian. After the Port Arthur massacre, the evidence spoke for itself. Things were tightened up because gun ownership is subject to degrees of control. We don't have a powerful gun lobby with millions of dollars holding the reins & I don't know how to get around that. There will always be members of our society who are mentally unstable, unwell, or just plain murderers. This is part of our human condition. In many parts of the world, knives are the weapon of choice as guns are hard to access. We don't drive around in tanks, so why do we buy assault weapons? Because, in some places, today, we can.

    If one link in the chain of events that unfolded at Sandy Hook Elementary had been missing, would things have been different? Of course. It is the guns.

    Veronique Pozner's decision to provide evidence that speaks for itself is priceless. Most of us cannot even begin to imagine her experience & yet, here she is, steadfastly & purposefully doing what she can, to provide evidence that speaks for itself. The respect I hold for her strength, her decisiveness & her motherhood is immense. As unspeakable as it is, may it ripple through enough of us to make a change & a shift in the minds of those who STILL don't get it.

  40. MC ~ It is a testimony to your family how powerful your voices are without having to raise them. I'm not sure you understand the immense impact your eloquent descriptions of Noah have on people. You have allowed us to know Noah the person and the wonderful family that surrounded him.
    Veronique's interview was extremely powerful and her love for Noah flowed through the story. People must face the reality of what happened no matter how heartrending. We cannot cast our eyes away from the truth, as it is the only way that we can truly honour those who were senselessly taken. I cried reading Veronique's words but I did not stop until I had read all she had to say.

  41. I applaud Noah's whole family, they helped shape Noah and what a blessing he was. It's such a big loss to this world now as children are our future so taking them from us makes this world a less better place. I spent most my night posting my respects for Noah and his classmates here, and some of you may want to as well:

    I came across this while reading on facebook sites I liked on Noah in the past 24 hrs. Been reading daily as it's hard not to they are so fresh in our minds and will not be forgotten ever. I applaud MC and wish everyone in the US could think as you do, it's been hard work with some who think getting more guns makes them safer when the real answer is to ban guns, not having access to them makes a country safer especially when it's illegal to own or possess one. More guns means a higher risk of danger, and the perpertrators Mother was a good example of that, I can't believe she owned at least a dozen guns and was an enthusiast who taught her children to fire her guns, and no responsible parent would teach their child to fire a gun, what is wrong with teaching them to swim or play football instead? I am certainly not going to be teaching my son to fire a weapon, and my parents certainly never encouraged my brother and I to do that either. I found these details here as it gets updated ongoing it seems:

    MC I wish all citizens could view gun control as wisely as you do, I've had a bit of a challenge with some online who refuse to see it the same way and refuse to be educated with valid facts that others have tried to direct them to, hence why I feel the only way is for President Obama to make it illegal for it's citizens to own or possess a gun, and not give them the choice in the matter. That is the sure way to help control this better. Mass killings won't occur so easily again. As others have mentioned in the press and online, if any thing did happen again by an angry unstable person, it would not be to the extent of this tragedy. People need to love children more than they love guns. I still cry daily over these children and their families loss.

  42. I wish I newer herd of Noah & you. That all continues as it was before December 14th. I cannot stop thinking of you, Noah, Veronique... I live far away from you but would like to support you somehow in your pain & sorrow.
    My boy was also born in 2006. He is sweet 6 yo. Resembles Noah so much in his look & behaviour. He also attends elementary school.
    I can not imagine how big your pain is as I would go crazy if something happened to any of my children.
    Please do all you can to stop guns in your country to avoid as much unnecessary deaths as you can, so precious live of your sweet Noah and the others was not taken in vain.
    I pray for all of you & Noah every day.

  43. Thank you for sharing this MC. Your daughter is a pillar of strength and a true example of unconditional love. I continue to pray for Noah, you, your daughter and her family every day. I keep you all in my heart and in my memory. Gretchen

  44. I have been reading your blog for some time (I am also a bread baker, though not nearly as skilled as you) and was horrified to learn that your family was directly impacted by the shooting in CT.

    While all of your posts about Noah have moved me, this one was like a bolt of lightning. Since Dec. 14th I have marveled at the strength of you daughter, and the whole
    family really.

    I applaud her for urging the Governor to look at Noah - while others might recoil at this I am overcome with the depth of her wisdom and love.
    Absolutely those in positions of power need to see for themselves the extent of the brutality these weapons are capable of and the needlessness of owning them. Yes, let's mourn and celebrate the lives of those lost but also act, and act quickly to help prevent this from happening again.

    Blessings to all of you - may you find comfort and peace, even one moment at a time.

  45. I continue to be forever changed by your grandson Noah who I never met. I am a mother of two boys and find that I cry daily for him as if he was my own. I hope that does not sound strange. I will do all that I can in my power to speak out for him and your family on the topic of gun control.

    Peace to this world for Noah.

    Love, Leslie

    1. I am glad I am not the only one. I have two boys also and find myself constantly thinking about Noah I cry at least 4-5 times a day for Noah. I had to close my office door today because I was looking at his picture and completely lost it.

  46. I too read that article. The first time I read it, I felt as bad as that night. Couldn't sleep because I would not stop crying and nightmares. But the next day I woke up and wrote to my congress person for the second time, demanding change. As horrible as it is to think of the details, we owe it to those we lost to do so.

  47. I think those of us with young children can relate in feeling empathy with their sense of loss, to me it would be unbearable losing my child in this way, so it's not at all surprising we cry daily over sweet Noah and his families loss nor is it abnormal, I think it would be more abnormal to not shed a tear over this, as well as the other innocent victims. I intend to get to bed before midnight tonight for the first time in ages as all this did affect my sleep too and I couldn't stop reading and.. crying. I really hope President Obama acts strictly on gun control full on for the future.

  48. MC, I remember the Port Arthur tragedy very well - a young man with mental health issues who had access to a semi automatic weapon. Sadly he had no mercy for anyone when he committed this crime but what was so shocking was how he gunned down two young children: Alannah and Madeline (as well as their mum). Their dad has since set up the Alannah and Madeline Foundation in their honour.
    It is clear from these tragedies that there is no mercy and human life has no meaning, it is all about some internal rage or hate and their moment of power. It is absolutely absurd that the general public could ever have access to these types of weapons. Only the defence force and police should ever have access them. Both cases highlight the sheer terror that these poor people had to endure and the immense loss and suffering for families after. It is so hard to understand how one human can do this to another as it is so insane and callous.

    Sending prayers for strength,

    Michele T

  49. bottom line evil people can only be stopped. by a good person armed and able to ! have the laws changed so they can.
    concerned parent.

    1. A good person doesn't need a semi automatic weapon to stop an evil person. No one should need a semi automatic at home.

    2. Try and take mine away. What does that mean? A "F&#*ing Good Person" Screw you. Don't protect your family.

  50. This comment has been removed by the author.

  51. less gun control = safer world proven fact sorry but true !

  52. remember gun only kill when PEOPLE use them guns have no agenda!

  53. Thank you to your daughter and to you for having the courage and selflessness to show people the unsanitized horror of that day. It's too easy to think these little ones and their teachers 'went to sleep' and not to realize what they had to go through before that. We are all complicit in letting this happen and nothing will change until we all across this country stand up - it's no longer up to our politicians, it's up to us. And knowing what went on in that school is important.

  54. Please,please America do what you can - then we of other countries can follow your strength and resolve when gun anarchy reaches here.

  55. Thank you for making Noah a 'real' little boy, and not just a face, a name, a statistic! All of us adults failed him and his classmates. We have to live with that knowledge. But, we can and must make sure that politicians know we will not continue to stand by and let this happen again. Guns must be controlled and mental health must be addressed and treated.

  56. My sympathies and condolences to Noah's entire family. I am so sad, and sorry that this awful, awful, awful event took place.
    I am sickened by what I've read that happened to those precious children.
    It is unimaginable.
    I came across a terrible, terrible article. First, I don't know how accurate it is. But if it is true, I think you and the other Sandy Hook families could be in a better position to make it known, and hopefully stop it from happening.
    It concerns someone who wants to make a Sandy Hook video game, where the player plays AS the monster who killed these precious children. They plan on recreating the buildings, the classrooms, and the students. They even plan to include child death screams.
    I think this is the most terrible thing I've read since the day the tragedy actually occurred.
    I'm only posting this info so that hopefully the parents and families of all the victims can somehow get it not to happen.
    If this info is wrong, I apologize from the bottom of my heart, and in a way I hope it is wrong.

  57. There is absolutely no more justification for not banning assault weapons and magazines with large numbers of bullets. It's true that guns don't kill, people do, but it's also true that people would not kill with guns if they did not have access to guns. Gun control may not be the complete solution, but it's got to be a start, a step in the right direction, and it certainly can't hurt.

  58. My friend died there, and she was shot multiple times. All of her students were shot multiple times. Noah Pozner was shot the most number of times but my friend, who may or may not have been his teacher, was shot 5 times in the face.
    Her mom chose to have a closed casket b/c she wanted people to remember Lauren as she was in her best photo.
    But her mom wants all assault weapons to be "melted down and turned into a bridge." She was upset when they reversed the ban on semiautomatic weapons in 2004.

  59. I really believe in the decision your daughter made when she shared details of how Noah died. The public needs to see what these guns do to people, it's the only way things will ever change. We are so protected as a society when it comes to this sort of thing and it's really not fair because it''s difficult to make changes when people do not have all the facts. Sure, logically, we can imagine what something like this would look like and most would say they don't need to see or hear about any details to understand but I don't believe that. I believe that if people were more aware they would get off their butts and do something about it.

    Your Daughter is an amazing women and now after reading through your blog, I see where she gets it.

    I know you have heard this probably a million times already but I am so so sorry that you and your family lost Noah.
    I have a little girl in the 1st Grade. My heart is just broken over this...still...and always will be.

    Noah was a beautiful little boy and the strange thing is that every time I see his picture I have to smile and I feel almost guilty for that because how can I smile when he has been taken from this world? All I can say in my defense is that he warms my heart, his smile is so powerful and his eyes so meaningful. Knowing him must be so wonderful, I am sure he makes all of you smile so much.

    I hope you and your family will find your way to healing as much as one can heal from such a loss. Please know, you are all in my prayers and in my thoughts and if I could take away that awful day so you would never have to experience it...I would do that in a minute.

    With all I have,




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