Friday, June 14, 2013

Six months later, in another family...

In loving memory of those we lost on December 14th, please read the story of Daniel Barden's family in the Washington Post. Daniel and Noah were classmates. One senseless act of armed savagery, so many shattered lives...


  1. Thinking of you today, MC.

    Many hugs,


    1. Hi Kim,
      Nice to "see" you here! It is so comforting to see many of the same people offering our best, but still inadequate support to MC and her family. I feel that I have made a cyber friend in MC and in you!

  2. Signora è tutto il giorno che aspetto un suo post... ho letto la storia della famiglia di Daniel quant'è grande la compassione che provo pur essendo così lontana, non glielo sò dire ma questo posso dirle anche per onorare l'indimenticabile Noah: che vi porto sempre nel cuore. Le mando un abbraccio sincero dalla lontana Italia. Fedra

  3. Being walked through their day/life one moment at a time lets us begin to see the moment by moment anguish our fellow moms, dads and Americans are suffering....... it takes your breath away...........

  4. We pray that God gives the families courage and strength for each day. My son and I have Noah's baby picture as our screen on my cell phone and on my son's ipod. Noah's smiling adorable face makes the day brighter when we are down.
    This is the link for his baby picture.
    MC, you are in our prayers daily to get better completely. Your prayers will be answered and little Noah will be visiting you in your dreams. We love you

  5. I just read the Washington Post article about Daniel Barden's family after which there is really nothing more that can be said other than I continue to pray for you and your family and all the other families. I pray that your treatments go well.

  6. MC, there are those of us that will never forget and will always grieve the events of 12-14-12.
    For me, especially for our beautiful Noah and his family. I hope that I am not out of line by asking but I would love to know how you are doing. Nothing detailed just general would be great as I think of you often and pray for you daily. You have touched so many with your beautiful words and your kind and giving spirit. Thank you and lots of love to you and your family...

  7. Thank you MC. Thinking of you & Noah today. X Julia



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