Thursday, November 14, 2013

Eleven months ago today...

...our grandson Noah had exactly one month left to live but none of us had any inkling his world was about to go dark and ours to shatter. All our thoughts were on his and Arielle's sixth birthday. I had flown back to Connecticut for the occasion and my memories of these happy days are in such harsh contrast with the horror that soon followed that they have become a torment.
Now the twins' birthday is upon us again and, as you can imagine, it will be a difficult one for everyone, most especially Noah's twin sister, his parents and his three older siblings. The month of December is bound to bring even more pain.
But no fresh outpouring of longing and sorrow will bring Noah back. Ever. And, after eleven months, having him back in his parents' arms is still all I am ready to settle for. Conjuring him up in words no longer helps.
Because there is nothing to add to what I have already written over the months, I want this blog to be silent on the anniversary of his death and, barring a change of heart or mind (mourning is a tortuous process), on all the fourteenths of the month that will follow.
So Farine will revert to being mostly a bread blog.  I hope you'll still stop by and visit from time to time and maybe pick up bread-making as a hobby, as a passion or even as a career. If only because making and sharing real bread is an affirmation of all that's good around us.
I wish to thank all of you for the extraordinary love and support you have shown us. I am more grateful that I can ever say. I know you will continue to think of and pray for our family and that, more importantly, you will remember Noah and never allow him to become a footnote or a statistics.
Please join me in respecting silence by not commenting on this post. Again, from the bottom of my heart, thank you!

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