Online bread calculator for sourdough
(how to get desired dough hydration using a starter)

Online dough formula calculator
Online flour amount conversion tool
(from volume to weight)

Online yeast calculator

On Fermentation
On baking cakes
On Mixing
On Pre-ferments
Amy Scherber
Andrew Whitley
Anonymous (?)
Chad Robertson
Ciril Hitz
David Turecamo
El Club del Pan (with Didier Rosada)
*In Spanish, but entirely worth watching even if you don't speak the language
El Club del Pan (with Juan Manuel Martínez)
*In Spanish, with English subtitles
French Pastry School
Joaquín Llarás
King Arthur
Lionel Vatinet
Mark Sinclair
Nicolas Supiot
Northwest Sourdough
Peter Reinhart
Richard Bertinet
Vincent Tallieu
Susan from Wild Yeast

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