Online bread calculator for sourdough
(how to get desired dough hydration using a starter)

Online dough formula calculator
Online flour amount conversion tool
(from volume to weight)

Online yeast calculator

On Fermentation
On baking cakes
On Mixing
On Pre-ferments
Amy Scherber
Andrew Whitley
Anonymous (?)
Chad Robertson
Ciril Hitz
David Turecamo
El Club del Pan (with Didier Rosada)
*In Spanish, but entirely worth watching even if you don't speak the language
El Club del Pan (with Juan Manuel Martínez)
*In Spanish, with English subtitles
French Pastry School
Joaquín Llarás
King Arthur
Lionel Vatinet
Mark Sinclair
Nicolas Supiot
Northwest Sourdough
Peter Reinhart
Richard Bertinet
San Francisco Baking Institute
Vincent Tallieu
Susan from Wild Yeast

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