Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day 2013

Mother's Day is hard on all the families who ever lost a child, especially the twenty-six Sandy Hook families. No words can express their sorrow and the huge gaps in their lives where theirs kids should be.
As I have so many times over the years, today I am turning to my mother for comfort. She passed away in early 2010 and I like to think of her alive in another world fussing over Noah. She never met him in real life (they lived an ocean apart and he was only three when she died) but she had been plied with pictures of him and his siblings since the day they were born and she was very familiar with their faces and antics.
We had bought her a digital photo frame and she had put it on a chest of drawers near her TV set. It was always on, even at night. Sometimes it was hard to tell whether she was watching a show or watching her family although pictures of her great-grandchildren always made her eyes shine in a way TV never did. I am pretty sure she has never let Noah out of her sight since he joined her in this other life I like to dream about.
There is some degree of solace in imagining both of them together. But nothing will ever change the fact that Noah should still be with his family and looking forward to a long life on this Earth as should all the little kids who were murdered on December 14th. This Mother's Day is indeed very hard but then, we already know that all the ones that follow will be just as painful. Wherever she is, I know my mother knows it too and grieves for all of us especially, as I do, for my daughter Veronique, Noah's mom.
My dad took the top picture in 1948: my mom was 34. I took the bottom one in the summer of 2009: she was 95. In between the two, a lifetime of love. On this very difficult Mother's Day, I draw my strength from my mother's continuing and loving presence in my  heart. Merci, maman!


  1. Your mom is so beautiful, her vitality shines right through. No wonder she has such a terrific and beautiful daughter!

  2. I can feel all your emotions in your texts. MC, you are an incredible writer. I am sure you would be able to write a fantastic book, perhaps about your family or your experiences and stories. How I wish you would... I wish you and Veronique a beautiful Mother's Day, even though I know it's a sad one.

  3. MC, I am praying for you, Veronique and the many mothers of Newtown today. My heart smiled then ached for you all this morning as my twins chattered getting ready for church......... for Veronique as a mother and for you since I know you feel your daughter's sorrow...... love to you as always. ... Sherri

  4. You honor your mother so beautifully, the love and strength you have for your own family a legacy of her love for you.
    I can see her eyes shining for you, too, in your photo – what a lovely lady.

  5. Ho sentito la sua mancanza Signora e spero tanto che lei stia bene in salute. Quando parla così della sua famiglia dei figli e dei nipoti mi commuove moltissimo, la sento molto simile a me forse anche perchè, se ho ben capito, lei è francese...
    Oggi ho letto uno scritto di Jackie Barden, la mamma di Daniel uno dei compagni di Noah, tutti bambini tristemente famosi.
    Jackie ha detto che è innaturale per una madre seppellire il proprio figlio ...ho pianto tanto sono mamma anch'io; ho avuto 5 figli ma ho perso la prima figlia, Ester, per un cancro che era proprio piccola; ora ne ho 4. Gli altri miei figli sono stati la mia cura al dolore... La morte è uno strappo troppo grande e, spesso, provoca un terremoto anche nelle famiglie ci vuole tanta forza e tanta speranza perchè tutto non si rompa. Quello che è successo ai vostri bambini è una tragedia troppo grande come faranno a rassegnarsi? Li conosco ormai tutti questi genitori e li amo tanto! Auguro alla sua famiglia di trovare un pò di serenità. Noah è un bambino che ha suscitato tanto amore nel mondo, in alcune foto è così bello da togliere il fiato. Non c'è giorno che io non pensi a lui, anche da così lontano, cara Signora vi porto nel cuore!!!

  6. MC,our prayers are for you,your daughter Veronique, all mothers of Newtown and mothers who have lost their children to senseless tragedy.
    I wish you all a wonderful Mother's Day with God's Blessings always. I know your loved little ones are watching over you'll like your guardian angels. It is a sad day for you'll but please remember we will all be united with our lost loved ones someday until then let the knowledge that your guardian angel is watching over you'll bring you'll comfort.

  7. MC, if i could have hand picked my mother, it would have been you. Thank you for all that you have taught me about love. I am only sorry for the circumstances under which i came to know you. Love...

  8. I thought of your family and all of the Newtown families this year. I hope things get easier, I know the sorrow will never completely go away.

  9. Happy Mothers' Day to you, MC! Thinking of you and your family, along with those 26 other mothers who are missing a scribbled, colored, jeweled,arts and crafts gift from their precious child in honor of them, who could not be here with them. <3 May God put them in his arms and comfort them, not just today, but every day until they are reunited again.

    Hugs from MI,
    Amy C

  10. I look at both pictures until my eyes get so watery that they both turn blurry, but even then don't lose their beauty

    this post of yours will be my number one favorite. Until you awe me with yet another one, I know that.


  11. Beautiful tribute to your Beloved Mother. Wonderful memories somehow carry us through.


  12. Dear MC,
    I thought of you and Veronique yesterday and hoped that you two were able to make it through the day OK. That photo of your mom taken in 1948 is great. I think that Veronique looks so much like her. I continue to think of Noah each night before I go to bed. I like to think that he can feel the love and good thoughts that we send to him. It's always a pleasure to read your posts.
    All the best,

  13. I'm thinking of you. I see you i your mother. My love to you and wishes for good health. Harriet

  14. MC Happy Mothers Day. Your mother looks like the sweetest loving mother. You must miss her alot but find comfort in knowing someday you will hold eachother again. How fortunate your family is to have you in their lives, i agree that I would have loved to of had a mother like you, but instead I was a victim of child abuse and neglect and now that I am a mother sometimes I dont know how to show affection to my children, so i let my heart guide me and I draw love from people like you who love so intensely i feel it in my heart. Thank You for being you, this world would be a better place if it was full of mothers like you....

  15. I am sure Noah has been telling his great- grandmother all about his wonderful mum Veronique. Have been doing my best to imagine what she is feeling & the sadness is overwhelming. I know she will always be doing her best for him & his siblings, always. You have done a great job, too, MC, honoring both your much- loved mother & your son & daughter.
    The saying is true " Mothers hold their children's hands a little while; their hearts forever".
    X Julia

  16. MC, I hope that you had a Happy Mothers Day, I enjoy reading your posts, as always. I just wanted to tell you that I see the resemblance of Veronique to your mother. The earlier photo is quite lovely, when she was a young woman. I feel for your family, and cannot fathom your grief. I hope that the internal conflicts resolve themselves, if only to honor Noah's memory. Family should always come first, and being good to those around you.

    Best regards,




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